Thursday, March 13, 2014

HELIOS WOODS | Making everything seem BIG, BAD and BEAUTIFUL. Shots by Salvador Pozo

When I first laid my eyes on him I was in awe. Everything seemed overwhelming. He is huge, dominating, wide, big, and long. And I am doing my best to say this in the most artistic way but his sex appeal is simply screaming that one cannot just appreciate his beauty, but fantasize about his manliness as well.

This is the only set so far available but boy did Helios and photographer Salvador Pozo create something that will last for a long time in the imagination of the looker. 

These are images that are guaranteed to wake everyone's dormant blood cells and wake anyone's sleepy muscle.

A true beauty. A model that can easily pass for a movie star and play God roles and be placed upon the mountain of Olympus. This model from Madrid Helios Woods is definitely someone to watch out for. 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ModelSpotting Exclusive: ALEX BOEING | Defying daring by CUBE Photographer Dima Kub

Just like Serge Lee, Cube Photographer or Dima Kub is another photographer who has stayed in touch for the past year. Whether there may be a feature or not, they take time to update and send me unique content that can be first seen exclusively on ModelSpotting. Small actions that go miles in showing how sincere they are with the friendship they have given, and sincerity of their gratitude that a small blog like mine would showcase their work. And for that, I am again motivated and fired-up for this is fuel to my passion to continue the promotion of the art of photography.

Dima Kub surprised me with this set. One of the first sets wherein he and model Alex Boeing both defy boundaries and give a whole new meaning to daring.

What I love about the artistry of Russians is their intensity. There is a certain controlled rebellion in their blood. With their personalities being always so stoic and firm, their eyes shoot daggers of scorching heat that once brought to an intimate setting, all hell breaks lose and they unleash passion that is so engulfing you feel yourself burning up from the gut.

This is what I love about Alex Boeing. A young oh so crazy sexy model from Moscow who stands at a towering 6'3 and weighs only 95 kilos. Slender but beautiful and breathtaking he owns a presence that could make a looker forget anything around him. As such, he belongs in photographs wherein the the star of the show is simply his beauty.

Monday, March 10, 2014

ModelSpotting Exclusive: SERGE HENIR by the ridiculously talented Serge Lee

I lost interest I admit. My last story was published December 24, 2013 and I honestly felt sad because I wasn't achieving the likes and hits I was hoping for. If only readers knew how much time and effort is put in putting these stories together and that it is simply by being fired by the love for the arts that keeps us going. On top of that, you encounter personalities with attitudes that treat you rudely. Models and photographers who feel they do not need you at all and are even very conceited. I have been rudely answered, given empty promises, and forgotten.

But then it only takes a couple of people to get you encouraged again. Those who are truly talented and show how they value the help your story has given and how it has helped promote their work. Even small pages like ours are noticed and luckily, the undeserving are weeded out and here we have once again, the truly talented and artists with beautiful hearts.

Today I am lucky once again to have been given sets of photos that are simply breathtaking and is exclusively being released by ModelSpotting for the first time. Featuring a captivatingly beautiful and powerful model by the name of Serge Henir, photographer Serge Lee effortlessly churns out amazing photos that showcase Henir like a Greek statue. A picturesque and strong image that keeps you glued staring at the screen. A smile that sparkles and gaze that pierces the soul. Truly, he is one model who can most definitely bring any artwork to life, and being shot by Serge Lee proves the team has created some of the most unforgettable images one can ever imagine.

Enjoy my friends. ModelSpotting's very first story for 2014 and very first exclusive just for you. :o)

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Exclusive: COLBY LEFEBVRE | The handsome prince talks to ModelSpotting!

It's Christmas everyone and ModelSpotting is extremely happy to have a special feature for you on this special day! This was an interview we did weeks ago but given that our country (the Philippines) went through the most trying time of our history, an earthquake followed by typhoon Haiyan, so many postings were put on hold as a sign of respect for what our fellowmen went through. So I hope you can forgive my long absence.

ModelSpotting is truly lucky for we live in a world that is very challenging. Aside from being able to survive each day, we have to endure competition, envy, and other negative things that will challenge us each day. Such is the case with this wonderful man. The surprisingly wonderful, sweet, helpful and thoughtful beautiful model Colby Lefebvre.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Exclusive: GOLDEN CZERMAK | An interview with the amazing Furious Fotog! And his favorite shots!

Anthony Mainella

Just like any art form, whether it be opera, ballet, musical theater, visual arts or photography, it is represented by many characteristics and expressed in millions of ways. Yes, there is advantage to being trained and schooled, to be raised seeing art in its purest form, but none of those would matter if the artist does not carry his/her heart with him in each work. And when all training and education has been completed, the rest of the artists work is about creating an identity for himself. Pieces that will be his or her signature and make a work, synonymous to his or her name. That is when a true artist is born.

This blog continuously searches for these artists. Those whose work connect and create ripples. Pieces that are recognizable and eventually get spread around. We used to say "word of mouth", but now it's "world of mouth" because of the dawn of social media. And thank you to social media, we easily see and spread everything and anything we discover.

Such is the case with our latest exclusive. A very talented young photographer who's name became very strong online due to the numerous pages sharing his work. Fitness and model sites who admire both photographer and model and a favorite of many online influencers.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exclusive: BRENDAN DEAN | True classical beauty in its finest as captured by David Vance

Deep set eyes, cleft chin, powerful jawline and a face capable of an expression that can pierce the soul. This is the best way I can describe Brendan Dean. A young and stunning beautiful model who captivates in a single glance with his gentle yet soulful eyes. 

The featured photo on top alone has captivated me as despite him looking sideways, the surge of emotion seen in the photo betrays his soul. The creases on his forehead and the distance of his thoughts are all evident in his gaze. And the longing, narrated by the breathe that escapes his lips. The poetry created by Brendan and Mr. David Vance in this shot alone is enough to guarantee that this set is a special one. A set that will forever last in the collections of admirers of the art of photography. If I may dare say so, this for me is THE David Vance shot that I will always remember.

In a short conversation with Mr. David Vance, he exclusively shares this nice story about Brendan with ModelSpotting:

"Hi Jays, my brother recently moved with his wife to Cincinnati, Ohio. Since I was going there to visit him in his new house, I decided to find a model in the area on Model Mayhem. I reached out to a handful of prospects but the only one to respond with interest was by far the best choice, Brendan Dean. He is a student studying Communications and English. He will be graduating this spring."

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exclusive: ANATOLY GONCHAROV | First seen on ModelSpotting! As shot by Serge Lee

This is a post that I had to rush so I didn't really have time to gather my thoughts and write something profound. Why? Because I almost fell of my seat when I received the email from the wonderful and talented Serge Lee with the message; "Hi, Jays! I have something new for your blogs! ;)", and I never then I see the photos. My jaw dropped as Anatoly Goncharov is one of my most favorite models at the moment and words cannot express just how he takes my breath away. His beautiful face, his strong presence and subtle gentleness despite the obviously amazing figure. He is just ravishing and anyone, I believe anyone would go insane just by looking at the fantastic shots by Serge Lee.

I cannot say more for I am lost for words... Just take a look and let me know what you think. :o)

If you want to see more of Serge's work, visit his Website or Facebook page.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exclusive: KEVIN SLACK | El Talismán - featuring Cuban model Jorge Luis

The first time I saw Kevin Slack's work, I knew I was going to be in love with him. The sensuality in each set and honesty of his models' body language and eyes are embarrassing it almost makes you feel like a voyeur prying on their private moments. But most importantly, it never feels rude. It is artistry that boasts of impeccable lighting, balance and mystery. 

My very first post that featured Kevin's work MARLON+ANDRO | The Cuban Honeybrown twins received very good exposure that I had to find more of his art. Alas, he found me instead and we finally did an interview which I posted a couple of weeks ago, Exclusive! KEVIN SLACK | Interview - ModelSpotting discovers an outstanding photographer! and that story now is the Top 4 most viewed post on ModelSpotting. :o)

This is actually a follow-up interview to that post for we did the interviews at the same time but I felt this was a special story and deserved to be released separately. Check it out!

ModelSpotting: Hi Kevin, this set truly caught my attention. Your model Jorge is truly something special.
Kevin Slack: Thank you and I am very grateful for your support. It’s so good to see Jorge again. It has been nearly two years since I have been able to work with Jorge Luis and I consider him my friend, model and muse.

ModelSpotting: I complete agree with you. There is so much character and power in his personality. He is beautiful. Can you tell me more about how you talked about this shoot?
Kevin: I actually wanted to move away from being quite so explicit. And, at my apartment, we had that conversation in my barely sufficient Spanish. I explained: I like the seduction of implication. I like promise more than delivery. I like wanting more than having. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIEGO RENIER | Brazil gives birth yet to another crazy hot Diego! By Didio and Maycon Silveira

I am a sucker for beautiful eyes. And by beautiful I mean soulful, deep set, piercing sets with beautiful thick long lashes. Of course there are exceptional ones whose eyes are simply mesmerizing they stop you in your tracks and you feel as though you are naked under their gaze. Eyes that render you shy, feeling vulnerable and exposed, as if every fantasy you dream of is known to him or her.

Diego Renier, an extremely breathtaking young model I discovered on Elian Gallardo Agency's site does all that to me. 

Originally from Espigão do Oeste a city of Brazil located in the state of Rondôna, Diego commands attention in every frame. There is absolute power and energy in his eyes and together with that, a smile that can simply melt your heart. He is charming and innocent looking, deceiving as a matter of fact for he is capable of turning himself into a very sexy young icon whenever he stands tall and extends his limbs. The ability to turn that innocence into a sensual man is simply a welcome surprise.
Shot by two great photographers namely Didio and Maycon Silveira, these two sets showcase his many facets and very well present what great potential this young model has.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

RODRIGO MENDONÇA | Oozing strength and character as shot by Fabrício Ricardo for ES Collection Brasil

Being able to stand out in a photograph with breathtaking landscape is not as easy as it seems. A model can easily be swallowed by everything else happening around him or her if they are not strong enough. And that is what I love about Mister Santa Catarina 2012, Rodrigo Mendonça. A very young yet powerful model, Rodrigo is the latest face for ES Collection Brasil and we van see clearly why. Beautifully captured by Fabrício Ricardo, Rodrigo is able to match the overwhelming secenery surrounding each shot, making every photo even more unforgettable and both model and background push each other up and sell a very powerful shot.

Here are the rest of the shots and I bet you, you will fall in love with Rodrigo.

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