Sunday, May 19, 2013

ANDRÉ COELHO | Big Brother Brazil 13's hot and smart lawyer-model

André Coelho created a huge buzz during his stint with Big Brother Brazil 13. Who wouldn't rave when hot hunk own one of the most powerful spell-casting smiles we've ever seen. A huge, engaging and absofreakingly sexy smile that's sure to get one weak in the knees. He definitely breathes life into that very popular SWV song "Weak" for one truly can hard speak and lose control. 

Aside from his magical smile, he is also a lawyer. A gorgeous man with brains to boot! Now that's sexy! 

This is André's very first set and I am very impressed with how naturally friendly he appears on film despite his very strong features. He is charming, endearing and easily captures one's heart. There is something easily loving about him that it would be so easy to open one's home for him. Hell, we'd open our bedroom to him! LOL! 

Jokes aside, we commend this young model. He communicates his intelligence just as well as he shows off his beauty. There is a thin line that separates a smart model from a beautiful model with an empty skull. And André carries his brains along with him in each shot. There is depth and understanding. Most of all, he knows how to look good without resorting to sleaze. Bravo!

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