Thursday, May 23, 2013

KIRILL DOWIDOFF | Es Collection Barcelona Circuit Festival 2013 set

It's a bit strange seeing how popular Kirill Dowidoff is nowadays. I can still remember when I first released his very first set and how young and naive he looked, but at the same time very much screaming with potential and beauty. And lo and behold, he is now touted as the most wanted man by many communities. He has made a huge name for himself and he may very well be one of those online stars given that most of his exposure has truly been because of blogs and other supporters who share non-stop.

In this latest set, Kirill is showcased in one of Es Collections sexiest pair of shorts one can ever see. The Limited Edition of the 2013 Barcelona Circuit Festival, the garments look immaculate on Kirill.

Just feast your eyes on Kirill and see why everyone is raving about him.

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