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Exclusive: JOSHUA SEAN McCANN | An interview with an up and coming stunning young model from Florida

I always find it to be a great opportunity whenever I get to feature a new subject. You get to meet them at their most genuine and you somewhat become a small part of their journey. Hopefully, they make it and you become even more proud because somehow, at some point, you were there for them. And that it the reason this blog site exists. :o)

ModelSpotting is back with another exclusive and I am very happy to introduce a wonderful young model who I met thru Z of Eye Candy. Joshua Sean McCann is a young, sweet and very funny guy who has one of the most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen.   He is a very caring son and is well loved by his peers for his very happy disposition and natural comedic talents.

I have been talking to him for several weeks now and I find his sweetness just completely captivating and I can foresee that many of you will fall in love with him. He is scheduled to do a shoot with Furious Fotog, (a photographer who I will be featuring here soon) and I promise to give you a first look exclusive of that shoot. :o)

But for now, Joshua shares his humble collection of photos he has collected for the past few years. Read on and see why I am so in love with this guy. Truly, one of the most wonderful and most genuine models I have ever met.

Introducing Joshua Sean McCann 

ModelSpotting: Hi Joshua, it's a pleasure to speak to you. It's rare that I get to feature a fresh talent and I feel very privileged that ModelSpotting gets to be a part of your journey to modeling. 
Joshua: It's my honor! I was actually very happy that you were willing to feature me. 

ModelSpotting: Let's start with some personal information. When is your birthday and how young are you? 
Joshua: My birthday is December 17, 1989. I'm 23-years old. 

ModelSpotting: And where were you born? 
Joshua: I’m Irish, Italian and Polish. I was born in Sarasota Florida Memorial Hospital, a memorable day for my parents because it snowed that day. I now live in Venice, Florida. 

ModelSpotting: What can you share about your folks? 
Joshua: My mother hasn't really been in the picture all my life. It's my dad that raised me and stood by me all my life. He is my best friend and I love him with all my heart! He works for Comcast, for 15 years now. 

ModelSpotting: How about brothers and sisters? 
Joshua: I have a brother Nick, he's 13, and my sister Lea, she's 16. They are both still in school and both love sports. 

ModelSpotting: How would you describe your role in the family? 
Joshua: I'm the goofy one! Always cracking jokes and wanting to have a good time. And I believe every family needs one. It gives a good feeling even when things are tough. 

ModelSpotting: That is so true. They are lucky to have you. What are your other interests and hobbies? 
Joshua: Oh, I love the beach! I of course love music. And then there's working out. I'm an easy going person, not hard to please and always up for anything. 

Joshua at 17
As a kid+teenager 

ModelSpotting: Let's talk about your younger years. How were you as a kid/teenager? 
Joshua: I was the edgy skateboarder who loved to have fun and get the ladies. Here's a photo of me when I was 17 and heavily into skateboarding. 

ModelSpotting: Would you consider yourself naughty when you were little? 
Joshua: Yes, at times. I mean who wasn't? I hated being told 'No'. Ha ha! 

ModelSpotting: What occupied most of your time as a kid? 
Joshua: Skateboarding and friends!

ModelSpotting: At what point and age did you begin receiving compliments regarding your physical qualities?  
Joshua: Middle school is when I started getting complimented and girls started noticing me. 

ModelSpotting: Did you have many admirers in school? 
Joshua: I put this very humbly... Yes, I even had some stalkers. But I think most liked me because I made everyone laugh. 

ModelSpotting: Speaking of admirers, what about you? Who was your very first school crush? 
Joshua: Karlee! Yeah! She was a classmate I had a crush on. I even got her flowers for Valentine's Day. :) 

ModelSpotting: And when did you lose your innocence? 
Joshua: Lol! I will never forget that. I was 18-years old. Lost it to a girl I was with for a few years. The first time was a mess 'coz I couldn't find the spot at first! :) But it was a good and I don't regret it. 
ModelSpotting: Lol! You are funny! 

On modeling and fitness 

ModelSpotting: Let's talk about modeling. What got you interested in it? 
Joshua: I've always liked the art showing off one's beauty. To be able to share someones gifts. 

ModelSpotting: How were you discovered? Who was it, where and when? 
Joshua: I got invited for a hair modeling show. It was a local hair salon but I was lucky because my hair got done by the leader of the America crew Paul Wilson. 

ModelSpotting: Was that your first modeling experience? 
Joshua: Yeah! It was fun and it turned out well. It's what got my face out there. 

ModelSpotting: How about your limitations? How far can you go when it comes to posing for shoots? 
Joshua: I definitely won't do nudes. I can do underwear or trunks, even go sexy. But the private parts will definitely have to be kept private. :) 

ModelSpotting: What can you share when it comes to fitness? 
Joshua: It's a very good motivator. It makes you feel good about yourself, especially when you see the results of all your hard work. 

ModelSpotting: As a model, most see the external beauty. Your face, body, what about you would you love for people to see and feel about you and why? 
Joshua: I'd love to be able to work with photographers who can feature my eyes. I am a very transparent person... Kind-hearted, and I would like to give that to people thru my eyes. My journey and who I really am. 
ModelSpotting: I am sure many are falling in love with you right now. :o) 

On fans and admirers 

ModelSpotting: For someone with a beautiful figure and face, you definitely get many admirers. What’s the most surprising act of admiration you received? 
Joshua: Ah, probably to get paid for sex! Haha! 
ModelSpotting: Oh dear! Lol! :o) 

ModelSpotting: And how do you feel about male models having so many gay fans? 
Joshua: I don't mind at all! Everyone is the same in my eyes. :) 

ModelSpotting: Have you ever received proposals from gay admirers? 
Joshua: I do. But I simply reply that I'm not gay, but I can always be there as a friend. 

On romance 

ModelSpotting: Let's talk about romance. What impresses you? 
Joshua: Someone who is down to earth and can laugh naturally with me. 

ModelSpotting: Can you describe your ideal partner/loved one? 
Joshua: A best friend. Loyal. Someone you can talk to about anything. 

ModelSpotting: Ideal date? How should it be? 
Joshua: I'm very easy to please. A very relaxed situation, no awkwardness. Lots of laughter and 'click'! 

ModelSpotting: Cuddling, kissing or making love all the time? :o) 
Joshua: Lol! Your questions are very challenging. Let's just say that I'm very affectionate and I love to do all those. :) 
ModelSpotting: I just love to keep it interesting. :o) 

ModelSpotting: And how would you describe yourself as a partner? 
Joshua: I'm very caring. Loyal. Loveable. And funny. 

Getting intimate 

ModelSpotting: Let's step into your bedroom shall we? What’s your routine when you wake up? 
Joshua: Brush my teeth, eat, shower and fix my hair! 
ModelSpotting: It is quite evident that you are particular about your hair. :o) 

ModelSpotting: What do you wear, boxers, briefs or nothing? 
Joshua: Nothing! I hate boxers. 
ModelSpotting: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Lol! 

ModelSpotting: And what do you wear to sleep? 
Joshua: Briefs 

ModelSpotting: What is your favorite part of your partners’ body? 
Joshua: Butt! I love butts! :) 

ModelSpotting: What is the most sensitive part of your body? 
Joshua: My neck! It gets me... 

ModelSpotting: What do you think is the sexiest part of your body? 
Joshua: As I shared earlier, my eyes. :) But beyond sexy, you will really see me more thru my eyes. :) 
ModelSpotting: Yup! I agree! You have crazy beautiful eyes! 

ModelSpotting: What do you feel most sexy in? 
Joshua: All or nothing! In a suit... or naked! :) 
ModelSpotting: Whew! Lol! 

ModelSpotting: What’s your routine before you sleep? 
Joshua: Brush my teeth, change, and make sure the room is cold. 

Things you'd love to know about Joshua 

ModelSpotting: What are you most scared of? 
Joshua: Spiders! Yuck! 
ModelSpotting: Lol! You and me both! 

ModelSpotting: The one likely to make you laugh out loud mindlessly? 
Joshua: Jim Carey! He's my idol. 

ModelSpotting: Something you can never eat? 
Joshua: Peas! Yuck!

ModelSpotting: Got any favorite food? 
Joshua: Pizza! It’s good hot or cold. Lol! I can eat it everyday... But only with ranch. :) 

ModelSpotting: Favorite snack? 
Joshua: Cereal :) 

ModelSpotting: Favorite drink? 
Joshua: Rock Star Energy Drink 

ModelSpotting: Guilty pleasure? 
Joshua: Eating fast food! Lol! 

ModelSpotting: Most embarrassing moment? 
Joshua: I was 18-years old then. I was having sex with my girlfriend and her Mom walked in on us. I was so embarrassed because I knew her Mom was already starting to like me. I guess she didn't like me that much anymore after that. Lol! 

ModelSpotting: Unforgettable funny memory 
Joshua: I got a shampoo bottle stuck on my private when I was 3! Haha! I told my dad it floated there. 

ModelSpotting: What is the most memorable moment in your life? 
Joshua: When I realized that I was happy with myself and didn't need to depend on anyone for happiness. 
ModelSpotting: How strange, we have the exact same realization. And I agree with you 101%! 

ModelSpotting: What is the one thing that people would be surprised to know about you? 
Joshua: When people see me, they judge me by my looks. They think I'm cocky or an asshole. But the truth is I'm actually a nice and caring guy. A guy who loves to make people laugh. A very good and loyal friend. 
ModelSpotting: I have no doubt about that. I can really see and fee that about you. :o) 

ModelSpotting: Mottos in life. 
Joshua: Life is too short to not be happy. 

ModelSpotting: Most important lesson learned in life? 
Joshua: That you can't put your trust in a lot of people nowadays. You have to be wise and keep your guard up. 

ModelSpotting: Do you know anything about the Philippines or know any Filipinos? 
Joshua: Not too much, but I have a Filipino friend, an awesome guy named Phillip. He's in the navy now, a great father and a really good guy! 

ModelSpotting: Lastly, a greeting for the readers of ModelSpotting and message to the people in the Philippines? 
Joshua: Thank you so much guys for checking me out. I would love to visit and meet everyone! Hopefully we can meet. 

ModelSpotting: Thank you so much for this interview Joshua. You are a wonderful guy, sweet and kind and we wish you all the success. Trust that ModelSpotting will always be behind you every step of the way. 
Joshua: Thanks so much for the support I love that I'm a part of ModelSpotting. I hope the best for me and everyone on your team! Thanks again! 

If you wanna know more about Sean, just follow his Facebook page.

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  1. Great interview....had some laughs here. I think most people who see people with lots of tattoos will think they are cocky or ignorant and don't know what is going on. The tattoo don't make the person the person makes the tattoo. Keep up the good work Sean.

  2. Soo happy to see u following those dreams :)


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