Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Boys of ES Collection Russia | Kirill Dowidoff, Roman Dawidoff, Anton Agat & Mad Matt by Enisey Abramov

As you all may have already seen, I release my very first exclusive interview featuring one of the hottest Russians today, Roman Dawidoff; 

This extremely sexy and engaging interview was the start of a series of exclusive interviews featuring a group of beautiful Russian men collectively known as The Boys of ES Collection Russia. Yes, it was just the start!

So who are the other boys of ES Collection Russia? They are the very sexy Mad Matt, the memorable and sex appeal ridden Anton Agat and of course, the roaring Russian Kirill Dowidoff, all deliciously captured by the very talented photographer Enisey Abramov.

You know what, let's just let the photos speak for themselves shall we? Here they are guys, The Boys of ES Collection Russia!

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Anton Agat & Kirill Dowidoff

Roman Dawidoff & Mad Matt

Kirill Dowidoff

Anton Agat

Roman Dawidoff

Mad Matt

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