Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MIGUEL ORTIZ | Dares to bare in new artistic nude 'Take A Bite' by Joan Crisol

I still remember the first time I saw Miguel Ortiz, I was immediately drawn in and his angelic face was truly captivating. The gentleness and humility of his appeal is endearing that despite the sexy shots wherein he is only wearing a cut-off, one is still drawn to his face and eyes. As a result, when I first posted Miguel Ortiz's photos, it received so much good feedback it became a Top 10 for many months.

The dynamic duo is back and this time, they bring it up a notch by going back to the beginning of time and Joan Crisol makes Miguel channel 'Adam' and playfully entitles the set 'Take A Bite.'

I believe these photos don't need much explanation for they can very well speak for themselves. All I can say is that both the artists are exciting and I look forward to sharing their work more.

If you wanna see more of Joan Crisol's work, Like Joan on Joan Crisol Photo.

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